Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your aircraft parts?

Aero Art Shop was created by our sister company Aircraft Demolition. Aircraft Demolition does part-outs, demolition and recycling of retired aircraft all over the world. We use parts from aircraft we are demolishing when we have purchased the plane ourselves. Most of the aircraft gets demolished and recycled and a small amount of parts become art pieces.

How do I know where my furniture piece came from?

Each piece of art and furniture includes a certificate of authenticity describing the aircraft it came from and a description with as much information as possible.

Why is custom airplane furniture so expensive?

Parting out an aircraft is a complicated process with many costs. Removing one aircraft engine for example, requires equipment called a bootstrap kit and a crew of four aircraft mechanics. Engines and parts must be loaded onto a truck, and shipped to our Minnesota location. When they arrive in Minnesota, one engine requires the labor of 4 aircraft mechanics to disassemble it by hand. It takes anywhere from 2-5 days to disassemble an aircraft engine, depending on its size. Once it’s disassembled, the parts we intend to turn into art must be cleaned of all hazardous materials. Once the parts are cleaned, they are ready for our team at Aero Art Shop. We operate a 20,000 square foot facility with lots of machinery, and 5 full time artisans. Our Aero Art Shop team creates a mock-up of each piece we intend to create. Once a design is decided upon, the artistry begins. Each piece requires many skill sets, for instance a fabricator, a welder and a polisher to create it. Each piece we make is very labor intensive, as aircraft parts are not made to become furniture. We have to modify, fit and customize every part to make it work. Each piece we make is custom made by hand and made in the USA. Some of our components, such as upholstery, powder coating, and glass must be purchased by us to complete the piece. Our products need to be professionally photographed for viewing on our website. Finally, each piece requires a custom built crate for safe shipping to our customers.

How do I care for my art piece?

When necessary, a care kit it included in the crate of your purchase. Care kits might include polish and cotton rags for mirror polished items, or extra glass bumpers to protect glass pieces.

Art Cart

No

Please understand that all our pieces are unique, and as such they have limited availability. In rare cases a piece shown on this site may no longer be available.

To learn more about the operations that produce the materials for our products, visit Aircraft Demolition.